A Better Breed of Adventure Gear

We have high standards when it comes to our dogs gear. So what makes Naughty Dogs gear so different and so durable?? Well we have spent the time and effort to find the highest quality materials to use with our products, so you know it's made to last. Our leashes and collars combine performance pique fabric and bioThane technology to make them highly resistant to mud, water, sunlight, and just about everything else. Our cooling bandanas are made of the same performance pique fabric combined with a cooling fabric backing to keep your dog feeling fresh even on the hottest days. 


What is BioThane?

Think of BioThane as an upgraded leather. It's strong, flexible, low maintenance, and literally built to last. This material is made up of a polyester webbing with a TPU or PVC coating making it very resilient however contains no toxic chemicals making them safe for dog use. It can be dragged through mud, water, or anything else and wiped clean with no last stains or smells. Although there are similar products like this with a PVC covering on the market BioThane is truly a stand alone. This brand offers premium quality, style, look and feel, and the best range of colors making all the difference. Thats why we choose BioThane as our base for our collars and leashes, because we know it's built to last.


What is Performance Pique Fabric?

The fabric we use on both our collar and bandanas had to be dog proof. Thats no easy task, we know how frustrating it is when your favorite designs fade and things start to fray and stretch. So we found a fabric to put an end to that. Performance Piqué is a 100% polyester fabric with a diamond-like knit structure and clear definition of detail, vibrant color and strong durability. Comfortable and lightweight this fabric has a soft, stretchy composition making it perfect for your dog adventurer. Sun resistance, machine washable, and wrinkle resistant make it the best fabric for all day adventures from mud baths to beach day swims.


What is ProCool Technology?

ProCool fabric is 100% Free of PFOS, PFOA, lead, dioxins, heavy metals and BPA. It is a thin, light, and high-performance fabric with superior cooling ability. Its extreme breathability combined with soft, stretchy, and durable build make it a superior choice. Engineered for comfort this fabric meets demanding performance and quality tests and are verified to create a cooling effect with uniquely engineered premium hydrophobic fibers. This fabric is also made of recycled materials and is part of the carbon offset project! 


Our Naughty Dogs deserve the best and our gear is the best.