Naughty Dogs Grooming

Why Naughty Dogs Grooming?

Hi I'm Kim! Here at Naughty Dogs we provide experienced specialized one-on-one dog grooming services tailored to your furry friend's comfort. Limited clients ensure dedicated attention and reduced stress. From nail trims to desheds to full cuts/grooms, we offer a wide range of grooming services for your furry friend.

Services Available

Full Groom

Get Your Paws Pampered: Treat your fur baby to a pre-bath brush out that will remove hair and loosen mats. Then, indulge them in a luxurious bath with double shampoo and conditioner for maximum fluffiness. I'll clean their ears and give them a blowout that will make other dogs jealous. And of course, a full body cut to keep them looking fabulous. Plus a nail trim to complete the pampering session! Your pup will leave feeling and looking wonderful!

Prices starting at $60*

*prices subject to size of dog and length of hair

Mini Groom

Unleash the Paw-some Power of a Mini Groom. Get everything from a full groom but I won't go overboard with the clippers, just a little trim on the face, paws, and sanitary areas!

Prices starting at $40*

*prices subject to size of dog and length of hair


Let's shed some light on the perfect bath routine. Our de-shed shampoo and conditioner combo will have your pet looking sleek and snuggle-ready. Goodbye, excess fur! Includes a full bath, blowout, sanitary and paw pad trim (if requested) and complete with a nail trim.

Prices starting at $50*

*prices subject to size of dog and length of hair

Nail Trim

Pamper the Paws with the Pedicure Package! Nail trims with dremel or nail clippers, paw pad trims, and ear cleaning included! It's a paw-fect combo for a polished look.

Price: $15

  • Margot

    Margot showing off a pop of color on her paws and a stress free smile! "Just wanted to thank you again for Margot's groom. She looks beautiful and I think it was much less stressful for her than past grooms."

  • Phebe

    Introducing Phebe, the adorable little girl who steals hearts with her cuteness. Her mom, who thinks she looks amazing says "OMG she looks great!! Blended floof is fantastic!".

  • Hannah

    "We took our little princess to Kim after we spoke to her on the phone. She was very transparent with us that she would take her time and that she was not as experienced as she would like to be. We trusted her fully with our little Princess and we continue to trust her and routinely get to see her. Not only is Kim an amazing groomer, she is an absolutely amazing person. She will provide your dog with treatment that makes the dog want to come back and get groomed. Our Hannah, looks forward to getting groomed every few weeks with Kim!"

  • Holly

    "Holly loves going to Kim's outdoor spa to get groomed while enjoying the peaceful golf course scenery. kim supplies a stress-free experience concentrating on one fur baby at a time, no assembly line! I feel 100% comfortable leaving my precious girl in Kim's care."

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