Meet the Owners


Meet the owners (two legged and four):

Hi everyone, this is Becca! I’m half of the humans that make up Naughty Dogs Inc, the other half is my mom Kim. Our four legged product testers, models, and sales associates are known as Fern, Loki, Alaska, and Altas. Otherwise lovingly referred to as the naughty dog crew. Our brand means a lot to us because our dogs mean a lot to us. Naughty Dogs was created from taking those extra special dogs and giving them a chance at a happy and successful life. These are the dogs who have a hard time finding homes and are often labeled as "naughty dogs". We advocate a lot for these dogs because we know how wonderful they are with that little extra time and work. And we hold the same policy with our dog gear. We put just a little (or a lot) of extra time and work into our gear to make sure it can keep up with the toughest of dog adventurers out there. Our material is fade-proof and water-resistant making it so it can be worn all day every day while still looking new after a wash. Our goal is to provide not only super cute and reliable dog gear but also awareness and support to those “naughty dogs” who need it.